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News Article Title : Xploder V5 Media Centre
Category : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2004-05-29 17:47:18

Beyond Playstation 2

The Xploder V5 Media Centre is the most advanced game enhancement and media system in the world. Packed with stunning and innovative new features, the Xploder V5 takes the Playstation 2 to a whole new level. Bringing incredible digital lifestyle compatibility to the PS2 for the first time, the Xploder V5 incorporates MPEG1 & 2, JPEG and MP3 playback technology.

The best cheats

The Xploder V5 is still the most advanced cheat system available. With over 55,000 codes available for more than 600 top PS2 games, the Xploder V5 also includes over 1,300 pre-loaded Game Saves containing Xeno Save technology and unique manipulated saves that really get to the heart of the game. The Xploder V5’s enhanced code system now allows you an even greater degree of control over your games with new Easy and Expert modes that adjust the cheats automatically depending on how you want to play!

Bridging the gap

The Xploder V5 Media Centre is much more than a cheat system. Now you can watch or listen to digital media content on your main TV via your PS2 and enjoy digital movies, music and pictures through a home entertainment system.

The Xploder V5 Media Centre bridges the gap between Playstation 2 and the PSX Home Entertainment System.

The Xploder V5 Media Centre is compatible with and can play back MPEG (1&2), MP3, JPEG and BMP files from a whole host of mass storage devices such as USB memory cards, portable hard drives and MP3 players*. It’s so easy and fast – simply download the required content to a USB Mass Storage Device via a PC, connect it to the PS2, upload and play the content!

No mass storage device? No problem! Simply plug a USB CD drive into your PS2 and play your content direct from CD-R compiled on your PC. You can stream MP3 music, MPEG 1&2 movies and even digital photos (JPEG and BMP) straight from inexpensive and widely available CD-R discs.

Future proof

The Xploder V5 Media Centre is future-proof. Thanks to the broadband connectivity, new drivers can be downloaded as they become available for the very latest media formats. Code updates and new game saves are also available for download via the broadband connectivity feature. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a broadband connection, you can upload the latest codes and features to your PC via a normal internet connection, then update your PS2 via the high-speed X-Link cable**. The X-Link software also allows you to transfer game saves between your PC and PS2 memory card, effectively giving you unlimited storage space for saves on your PC hard-drive. The X-Link also opens up a world of possibilities – now you can share your saves with other Xploder users by uploading files to the Xploder website, all thanks to the built-in user community software. For extra ease of use you can now also use the X-Link PC software independently of the PS2, ideal for occasions when the machines are in separate rooms. Connection to multiple websites is now permitted, in the eventuality of one or more sites being inactive. Finally, the latest X-Link software is now backwards compatible and fully customisable, just like a traditional PC programme!

Second to none: Blow Your Games Wide Open

Any cheat system is only as good as its codes and that’s where the Xploder V5 also excels! Over 55,000 cheats are now available, with more than a thousand game saves making it the most comprehensive source of codes anywhere. Now you can have unlimited lives, maximum power, infinite health and unlock all the levels, characters, vehicles and games you want.

The Xploder V5 now has Easy and Expert modes, getting you to the heart of the action – fast! Dynamic cheat code entry, automatic game detection and an intelligent code selection system which ensures that conflicting codes can’t be selected simultaneously with the Xploder V5’s intelligent codes system.

The Easy code input system has been designed to make inputting codes smooth and trouble free. There are four levels of input: via a USB compatible keyboard, direct to the PS2 via the Broadband adaptor, from the internet via a PC using the X-Link cable or using the PS2 joypad. Uniquely, Xploder V5 allows new code input direct to either Expert or Easy modes.

First with the cheats

Only Xploder guarantees you the very latest codes for all the top PS2 games. The dedicated Xploder website (www.xploder.net) is being constantly updated with new codes and registered users get regular weekly newsletter updates detailing the latest cheats.

Why wait for the latest cheats?

UK Cheat Systems - % of last 30 released PS2 games that codes have been created for
Xploder - 100%
Action replay - 50%
Codebreaker - N/A
Source: Official UK website code availability as of May 24th 2004

US Cheat Systems
Gameshark (powered by Xploder) - 100%
Action Replay - 40%
Codebreaker - 30%

Source: Official US website code availability as of May 24th 2004

Of these codes, 64% of Xploder cheats were posted online before our competitors. Xploder V5 means more cheat codes for more games – Day 1!

So much more

As if all this wasn’t enough, the Xploder V5 is packed with other pioneering features such as DVD Region Free, which allows you to watch any region DVD movie on your PS2 without green screen interference, Game Accelerator, which speeds up PAL games by 20% and the Memory Manager, which can compress saved game data on your memory card up to ten times!

“The Xploder V5 Media Centre represents the very latest in lifestyle software, bringing the world of digital content straight to the living room via the Playstation 2. It is the first real step towards the long-awaited dream of the television being the centre of all viewed electronic media. The Xploder is no longer exclusively a cheat device.” Said Jason Cooper, MD of Fire International Ltd

The Xploder V5 Media Centre is packed with exciting features:

Unique metal packaging
Compatible with all Playstation 2 consoles
Over 55,000 cheat codes available for 600+ games
Over 1,300 game saves pre-loaded including pre-cheated Xeno Saves
New Easy and Expert modes for ultra-fast game cheating
Dynamic cheat code entry with failsafe system
Automatic game disc detection feature
Intelligent code system with non-conflicting cheat selection
USB keyboard support
DVD Region Free allows you to view DVD movies from any country and remove ‘green screen’ from NTSC movies
Game Accelerator can speed up PAL games by 20%
Memory Card Manager allows up to 10 x data compression on a normal PS2 memory card and allows easy manipulation of over 1,000 included game saves
USB mass storage device support, compatible with CF, MMC, SD, SM and Memory Stick cards, Pen Drives and Flash Drive devices:

Blaze - Mini Drive - USB Mass Storage Device - 128,256Mb
GameShark - PS2 Pen - USB Mass Storage Device - 32Mb
Sony - Microcult - USB Mass Storage Device - 256Mb
Iomega - Micro Mini - USB Mass Storage Device - 64Mb
Lacie - USB Hard Drive - 20Gb
Lexar - Compact Flash - 128Mb
Lexar - SD - 64Mb
Memorex - Thumb Drive - USB Mass Storage Device - 128Mb
PNY Tech - Attache - USB Mass Storage Device - 128Mb
Scandisk - Compact Flash - 1Gb
We!! Wa - Mini Drive 2 - USB Mass Storage Device - 256Mb
Zynet - Mini Drive - USB Mass Storage Device - 32,128,512Mb

More formats and brands are currently in testing

Upgradeable media feature set via downloadable executable file system
Digital photo viewer to view picture slideshows via the PS2, stored on a mass storage device or memory card as JPEG files
MP3 player to listen to music via the PS2, stored on a mass storage device or PS2 memory card
Built-in sound reactive light show
MPEG (1&2) player to watch movies and video files via the PS2, stored on a mass storage device or PS2 memory card
Broadband adaptor compatible for automatic live updates and content downloads
X-Link compatibility allows the transferring of cheats and game saves between a PS2 and PC therefore allowing a PC to become a huge memory card (included in Media Centre Live version only)
Upload game saves directly to the Xploder website
Live on-screen updates for cheats, saves and products

Xploder V5 Media Centre £19.99

Xploder V5 Media Centre Live (with X-Link PC software and data cable) £29.99

System requirements

Sony Playstation 2 (PAL compatible)
Sony Playstation 2 compatible memory card
Sony Playstation 2 Broadband Adaptor (optional)
Mass storage device (optional)

* Restrictions apply. Please check www.xploder.net for compatibility

** X-Link cable and software included in Xploder V5 Media Centre Live only

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